Jewellery and Diamond Education

This section was created to provide you with some background knowledge before you make your purchase. Whether you buy from or elsewhere, we urge you to read and learn as much of the following information as possible. 

Measure Ring Size

Ring Sizing Help

Topics Covered

How do I find out my ring size?
How do I find out someone else’s ring size?
What is the best way to measure finger size?

Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Guide

Topics Covered

How much should I spend on my engagement ring?
What engagement ring setting & style should I choose?
What diamond should I choose for my engagement ring?
What metal should I choose for my engagement ring?
Which factors affect the price of an engagement ring?
Can I trust the internet to buy my engagement ring?

Round Brilliant-cut Diamond

Diamonds – The 4 Cs + More

Topics Covered

What You’ll LearnThe 4 Cs of diamonds- Diamond Colour, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Carats & Diamond Cut
How to save money when buying a diamond

Brushed Titanium Rings His & Hers

Wedding Ring Guide

Topics Covered

Wedding Ring Terminology
Wedding Ring Profiles
Wedding Ring Finishes
What is Comfort-fit?
What is Rhodium Plating?

Stack of Platinum Bars

Platinum Metal Information

Topics Covered

What is Platinum?
& more…

Stack of Gold Bars

Gold Metal Information

Topics Covered

Technical information on Gold
Gold Purity
Why alloy Gold with other metals?
Gold caratage & its effect on gold price
History of goldsmithing 

Dumbbell Pendant made of Titanium

Titanium Metal Information

Topics Covered

Titanium uses

Assorted Gemstones

Gemstones Information

Topics Covered

What are the main Gemstones?
What is my Birthstone?
& more…

Stack of Platinum Bars

Silver Metal Information

Topics Covered

What is Silver?
& more…