Ring Sizes & Ring Size Conversion

How to Measure Ring Size

Have your ring size measured in a jewellery store

To determine your Ring Size go to your jeweller and have them measure your finger for you when you next pop in for a jewellery clean or repair. Otherwise, most shopping centres have chain jewellery stores where you can have your ring size measured.

Take note of whether the jeweller or salesperson uses a ring sizer of similar width to the ring you are interested in. For example if you are looking for a 6mm wide ring and you have your ring size measured with a 3mm wide ring sizer you may get the false impression of comfort and then when you buy the ring it will feel a bit tight, so best to allow an extra half size in that scenario.

You can double check this measurement by getting a rough measurement of an existing well fitting ring using a ruler as described below.

Measure a well fitting ring with a ruler to determine your ring size

Measure Ring SizeAnother method to determine your ring size is using a good quality ruler and one of your rings that fit on the same finger you want to buy the new ring for. Please note that a finger on your left hand will not necessarily measure the same as the corresponding finger on your right hand. Measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimetres and then use this measurement to read the corresponding Australian ring size from the ring size conversion chart below, or send us an email and we will convert it.

For example, the ring pictured here has an inside diameter (id) of 21mm so the closest corresponding Australian ring size is size “X”.

This method is not exact but you can get very close if you have a quality ruler. This method is also good to double check what you thought might be your ring size from memory.

Use our Plastic Ring Sizing Gauge to Measure your Australian Ring Size (FREE – just email us your postal address)

Ring Sizing

If you are unable or unwilling to go to a jewellery store or to use the above ring measuring method to determine the correct finger size then simply email us your name and postal address (within Australia only) and we will post out a free plastic ring sizer as pictured. This plastic ring sizer will indicate your size using the Australian system of measuring ring sizes using letters from A to Z + 2.

Keep in mind that our fingers can swell and shrink during the course of the day. The measurement can be affected by the ambient temperature, whether you have been very active, your hydration levels etc.  So it’s best to take a couple measurements at different times of the day and even on different days eg a hot day and a cold day.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Australian ring sizes are equivalent to UK ring sizes. This ring size conversion chart illustrates the United States of America (US) equivalent to United Kingdom/Australian (UK/AUS) ring size. You can also use the inside diameter (ID) of a ring to determine your ring size by converting the millimeter measurement to the Australian letter. There is no difference between ring sizes for men and for women.

Note that the following diameters are exact for the AUS/UK system but approximate for the US system as there is not always an exact corresponding diameter between the two systems.

A1/2        11.9
A 1/2         12.1
B3/4        12.3
B 1/21           12.5
C1 1/4        12.7
C 1/21 1/2        12.9
D1 3/4        13.1
D 1/22           13.3
E2 1/4        13.5
E 1/22 1/2        13.7
F2 3/4        13.9
F 1/23           14.1
G3 1/4        14.3
G 1/23 1/2        14.5
H3 3/4        14.7
H 1/24           14.9
I4 1/4        15.1
I 1/24 1/2        15.3
J4 3/4        15.5
J 1/25           15.7
K5 1/4        15.9
K 1/25 1/2        16.1
L5 3/4        16.3
L 1/26           16.5
M6 1/4        16.7
M 1/26 1/2        16.9
N6 3/4        17.1
N 1/27           17.3
O7 1/4        17.5
O 1/27 1/2        17.7
P7 3/4        17.9
P 1/28           18.1
Q8 1/4        18.3
Q 1/28 1/2        18.5
R8 3/4        18.7
R 1/29           18.9
S9 1/4        19.1
S 1/29 1/2        19.3
T9 3/4        19.5
T 1/210           19.7
10 1/4        19.9
U  1/210 1/2        20.1
V10 3/4        20.3
V 1/211           20.5
W11 1/4        20.7
W 1/211 1/2        20.9
X11 3/4        21.1
X 1/212           21.3
Y12 1/4        21.5
Y 1/2         21.7
Z12 1/2        21.9
Z 1/212 3/4        22.1
Z113           22.3
Z1 1/213 1/4        22.5
Z213 1/2        22.7
Z2 1/213 3/4        22.9
Z314           23.1
Z3 1/214 1/4        23.3
Z414 1/2        23.5
Z4 1/214 3/4        23.7
Z515           23.9
Z5 1/215 1/4        24.1
Z615 1/2        24.3
Z6 1/215 3/4        24.5
Z716           24.7
Z7 1/216 1/4        24.9
Ring Size Conversion Chart