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This page provides information about Diamond Wedding Rings. Click to see information about Plain Wedding Rings. Click here to see information about Patterned & Multi-tone Wedding Rings.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings can differ in several aspects. Besides the actual shape and style of the ring they can vary in the shape of diamond, the number of diamonds, the setting method, the type of metal and the colour of the metal.

Diamonds shapes most commonly used in wedding rings are round (round brilliant cut) and square (princess cut). Common setting methods for wedding rings are channel-set, bead-set and hammer-set. The most commonly used metals in Australia are gold alloys such as 18k and 9k and Platinum. Some common colours used are yellow, white and rose.

People normally want their diamond wedding ring to suit or match their engagement ring. For example if the engagement ring is has a princess cut central diamond only, then the matching wedding ring will have a series of small princess cut diamonds usually channel set. If the engagement ring has a central princess-cut diamond and a round brilliant cut diamond on either side then a suitable wedding ring could have all round or all princess or a combination of the two for example alternating round then square. When the engagement ring has shoulder stones of its own then it suits best to stick with the same shape stones on the diamond ring. People tend to want their wedding ring width and profile to be of same or similar width and profile to their engagement ring. The engagement and wedding rings almost always match in colour but this is not always the case.

These are not rules and many beautiful sets have been created without following all the suggestions above.

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Last update: December 11, 2018
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