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This page provides information about Patterned & Multi-tone Wedding Rings. Click to see information about Plain Wedding Rings. Click here to see information about Diamond Wedding Rings.

Patterned & Multi-Tone Wedding Rings

Patterned Wedding Rings

Patterned wedding rings are rings that are not just the usual half-round, flat, bevelled-edge etc.. They are rings that have grooves, raised areas, patterns, milgrain, waves, hearts, ridges, crosses and other symbols or other features that make them stand out.

They can have one or more finishes. For example polished sides and brushed centre section.

Multi-tone Wedding Rings

Multi-tone wedding rings include two-tone and three-tone rings. Two-tone rings contain two different alloys. For example half the ring can be white gold, the other half yellow gold. Or a centre section can be white gold and the two outer sections can be rose gold. Three-tone rings contain three alloys. For example a ring divided into three sections with the first section being rose gold, the second (middle) white gold and the third section being yellow gold.

There are at least two methods to get the two-tone effect. One is to have a thinner 'overlay' of the different coloured metal on the main ring e.g. the main body of the ring is yellow gold and a thin white gold overlay sits in a groove around the outer surface of the ring. The other method is for the colour to go right through the ring. So imagine two or three different coloured rings being stuck together side by side. In effect the inside of the ring has the differing colours just as the outside.

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Last update: December 11, 2018
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