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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions


If you cannot find the answer you were looking for below please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@ejeweller.com.au

Q:       Where are you based?
A:    We are located in the suburb of Earlwood in Sydney, Australia.

Q:       Where is your Jewellery made?
A:    We make most of our jewellery here in Sydney and some items are made in Melbourne. Silver and non-precious jewellery listed on our site has been imported from Asia and USA.

Q:       Are there any hidden charges like shipping etc?
A:    No. Express postage and packaging are absolutely FREE. The listed price is the final price*. There are no surprises in the checkout!
(* for some wedding rings a surcharge is clearly indicated in the product description for larger sizes)

Q:       Do you offer layby on jewellery purchases?
A:    Yes, email us for details

Q:       I am buying this for a gift, can you not display your company name?

A:    Yes, simply let us know and the invoice will be mailed to an alternative address to ensure discretion. Our packaging provides no other clue as to our company name.

Q:       How safe are my credit card details?
A:    We absolutely guarantee that your details are secure. Our website provides 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) order processing ensuring customer details are absolutely protected during the checkout process.

Q:       Can I make a change to one of your listed products?
A:    Sure. Most of our products are made in-house. If you require a larger/smaller stone or a different material or changes to a design we can almost certainly accommodate all requests.

Q:       Can I pick up my jewellery order from your store?
A:    As a manufacturer we do not provide a retail shopfront for the dispatch of orders. All orders must be received by registered and insured mail, free of charge to the customer. This also helps us keep our security & other costs low, and hence our prices, low.

Q:       Is my privacy guaranteed?
A:    Definitely. Under no circumstances is customer information provided to a third party. Click to view our full Privacy Policy.

Q:       How can your prices be so much lower than other jewellers?
A:    We are continually focussed on streamlining and computerising/automating all clerical processes and minimising overheads and waste. These efficiencies provide the cost savings that keep our prices extremely low without ever compromising on quality.


Last update: December 11, 2018
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